Source Code Japan Mission:8 Opens Friday 28th October 2011ミッション:8ミニッツ Source Code opens in Japan on Friday 28th October 2011, kicking off with a premiere in Tokyo.

Ahead of the October opening, Source Code Director Duncan Jones will be taking a  break from writing his third film, to fly over to Japan for a short promotional trip at the end of this month.

From viewing the trailer, it looks like the Japanese release will be sub titled (as was the case with MOON). And as is the case with most Japanese film releases, there is also the chance of some unique promotional items (there were some great ones previously from MOON). We’ve already seen some traditional chirashi (small flyers) and the tickets to the Tokyo premiere are keepers as well.

Completing the promotional side of things, there is also a Japanese web page. Not sure whether that will expand closer to release date, but currently hosts the trailer & brief release details. In case you don’t read Japanese (like me) you might not have noticed that the title has been changed to ‘Mission:8 Minutes’…

Mission:8 Minutes Source Code Japan PosterWe’ll hopefully be getting more details closer to the October 28th release, and news from the premiere itself from our friend over in Japan, Rintaro Watanabe (if you’re on the Twitter, give him a follow if you want to keep up to date with movie news from Japan) Last but not least, the trailer, and a brief synopsis for our friends in Japan: