MOON at Denver Film Society Sci-Fi Series 2011Any of you lucky enough to be near Denver between July 6th and August 10th will have the chance to see some great Sci-Fi courtesy of the Sci-Fi Film Series Presented By Denver Museum Of Nature & Science And The Denver Film Society.

Sam Rockwell In Duncan Jones' MOON

The key date from our point of view is obviously a screening on August 3rd at Denver FilmCenter/Colfax of Duncan Jones’ MOON starring Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell, isolated employee of Lunar Industries, alone on the Moon with only the company of his robotic assistant GERTY (Kevin Spacey) to see him through his three year contract mining valuable Helium 3 to provide energy to the people of Earth. As Sam approaches the end of his contract, with thoughts of home providing hope, things take a turn for the worse, and Sam discovers not all is as it seems.

Always great to see some of you getting the opportunity to see Duncan’s award winning debut on the big screen, as for many, their first experience of MOON may have been home viewing due to the limited original theatrical release.

An added bonus with this Sci-Fi Film Series screening is a post-film discussion with Ka Chun Yu, PhD, curator of space sciences at Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

As well as MOON, the Sci-Fi series will also be screening classics of the genre such as Stanley Kubrik’s 2001: A Space Odyessy, Ridely Scott’s Alien & Alfonso Cuaron’s Children Of Men, most screenings also include a post film discussion with Denver Museum Of Nature & Science staff.

Dates and times available on the Sci-Fi Series programme guide.

Thanks to Ryan Boulding for the heads up 🙂