MOON: Fan Art Sam Bell Meets LucasArts

This is so fantastic, I can’t type quick enough to get the post finished and hit “publish”. Danish MOON fan Mads Johansen has only gone and created an image of what a MOON point & click adventure would look like, if created by those wonderful people over at LucasArts using the SCUMM creation tool, famously used for such classics as The Monkey Island series, Full Throttle, The Dig and many more. Games that stole many hours of my youth (and admittedly may continue to do so as they are re-released for the touch device generation of handheld devices)

Mads Johansen - SCUMM MOON
Mads Johansen - SCUMM MOON 2011

Mads explains:

If I played this game back in ´91, I think my brain would literally blow up.
It just started with me wanting to do some nice SCUMM fan-art, but the further I got with this, the more I felt that the narrative of this particular flick would fit awesomely with the whole point’n’clicky thing.

Except for maybe the lack of a character gallery. It was pretty tough for me completing games like Secret of Monkey Island, because as a 12 year old danish kid, I didn’t really have a clue what a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle was, for example… and the artwork was also pretty tough to decrypt at times… but now I know how hard it is to do Sam Bell, when you only have about 12×12 pixels to do it on 😀 Anyway, hope you like this one… I might do more, I dunno yet.

Yes, Mads. Please, we’d love to see more 🙂 Head over to Mads’ sketch blog for more of his amazing artwork. I’m off to play some Monkey Island!

UPDATE: No way we could let this pass, comment from SCUMM creator, and computer gaming Legend Ron Gilbert:

Moon would have made a great SCUMM game.

MOON Director Duncan Jones has also been overwhelmed by Mads artwork:

I want to play that!!! I want to hear Clint Mansell’s score in 8-bit audio!! Seriously.. that was one of the best things I have seen in ever. That needs to be an Iphone game…IPad too…Seriously thinking that if there was ever to be a direct Moon sequel, it may work best as a point and click adventure.

Finally tweeting back to Ron Gilbert:

you stole too many hours of my youth to count. Thank you.

That all goes way beyond awesome 🙂 *collapses*

16 thoughts on “MOON: Fan Art Sam Bell Meets LucasArts”

  1. That’s fantastic. Moon is one of many films that would work really well in this style – I think it says a lot about a good story if it would still be engaging retold via MS DOS with VGA graphics.

    For some reason, I imagine the Moon game might play somewhere between Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis and the cyberpunk one, Beneath A Steel Sky.

    1. I’m just gobsmacked, it’s so brilliant. Beneath A Steel Sky from Revolution one of my all time faves too, as are the Broken Sword series from Charles Cecil. Go them loaded on the iPad 😉

  2. If anyone’s low on his retro adventure dosage, I’d heartily recommend Gemini Rue, a brilliant game that’s part Blade Runner, part Beneath A Steel Sky and actually fits with the Moon theme of memories & identity as well.

  3. Can someone please get a Kickstarter campaign going so we can hire Double Fine to make new SCUMM episodes of Moon about all the other clones?

  4. Thanks everybody for the awesome attention, I’ve been getting. Warms the old ticker 🙂
    -Also it’s just an awesome flick, with awesome story, acting and visual design.

    1. You’re very welcome, Mads. One of the best, if not the best piece of fan artwork we’ve ever seen. Caused the most amount of web traffic on the blog since we began, by a long way! 😉

  5. Moon was one of my favourite films of last year and making it into point n click artwork is just genius, I’m a huge Monkey Island fan and I just love this! Thanks for posting and keep up the great work! Looking forward to seeing more!

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