Miles Meager Presents The 2011 Joseph Meager Award to Hideki Arichi

Miles Meager & Hideki Arichi Jan 2011

Congratulations are in order for MOON Art Director Hideki Arichi, who has just been presented with the first Joseph Meager Trust Award for his work on MOON. Mollie Meager has been kind enough to send us some pics taken during the event at The Sir Richard Steele’s pub last Saturday, and also provided details on the award itself…

Hideki Arichi Receives the 2011 Jospeh Meager Trust Award

Miles & Annie Meager, Hideki Arichi, Mollie Meager, Jackie Lancaster & Sue Chudley Jan 2011

On Sat 15th January the first Joseph Meager Trust Award was presented to Hideki Arichi at The Sir Richard Steele’s pub in Haverstock Hill, North London.  He received a cheque and a framed certificate from the Trust.

The Trust was set up in memory of artist and set designer Joseph Meager who died in 2004 at the age of 34.  The award was created to recognize people who generally go un-noticed yet provide invaluable contribution to enable arts activities to happen.

Joseph Meager was a theatre scene painter, mural artist, portrait painter and production co-ordinater. What made Joseph special was that he helped creative things happen for other people. Their visions and dreams became his. His tireless energy inspired playwrights, composers, musicians, theatrical designers and artists. His influence was often unsung but behind the scenes, it was profound.

Joseph’s family and friends set up the Trust so that nominated people with these qualities could be rewarded in his name.

Hideki Arichi, was nominated by his colleague Jackie Lancaster for his work, in particular as Art Director on the award winning film “Moon” directed by Duncan Jones (2009).

“The set makes the film quietly convincing. Hideki is a quiet person and not obvious on the credit role. The film was low budget and the set was made in 9 weeks”

Hideki has just finished an MA in fine art at the University of Hertfordshire, and is about to  take up an opportunity to travel to Iceland as Artist in Residence to focus on his printmaking, so the award will be used to help fund his own travel for this.

The Award was presented by Trustee Miles Meager, Joseph’s brother.

“It was really nice to give the award  at a place where Joseph had worked as a mural artist – the ceilings are covered with his murals and help to create the bohemian atmophere of the pub. It  celebrates his life in a positive way.  We were pleased to meet Hideki and be able to present him with the first Award in recognition of his unsung contributions to the arts”

The Trust are now looking for nominations for the next award, for people in any of the creative arts. The closing date for applications for the 2011 award is 31st July 2011.

If you are interested in nominating somebody, viewing some of Joseph’s artwork, making a donation or sponsoring the Trust, please see the Contact Us page on the website: for more details.