Remember the poster for ‘Mute‘ we featured recently? Well artist Lloyd Stas has been busy, and inspired once again by the work of Director Duncan Jones, Lloyd has sent us this fantastic poster for Duncan’s soon to be released 2nd feature ‘Source Code

Source Code Poster by Lloyd Stas

I asked Lloyd to give us a bit of background on his work:

I absolutely love movie posters, it’s such a distinct and iconic medium so I have an endless list of influences on my designs.

I like to think by creating my own posters for the films I love, some other people might see them and think “Hey, that’s pretty cool”.

Ever since I saw Moon for the first time, I instantly fell in love with Duncan Jones’ work and have been waiting with baited breath for his next project, making a poster is probably just my way of dealing with my excitement. As soon as I first heard about the film I wanted to make a poster, I’m just surprised it’s taken me this long.

I am 23 years old. I finished my Film degree last year and have mainly spent the time since doing stuff with my band (Swound!). We’ve just finished recording our album before Christmas so since then, I’ve been able to focus on my graphic design work a bit more.

Lloyd is building up quite a portfolio, check out his Flickr stream for further examples, and his fantastic Edgar Wright collection featured on Edgar’s blog here. Still stunned by the creativity and quality of contributions from fans out there, amazing stuff 🙂