MOON Beats Avatar, District 9, Star Trek & Up To Scoop The Hugo Award

Hugo Awards

The 2010 Hugo Awards have just taken place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, Australia, BLIMEY O’REILLY! MOON has won the Best Dramatic Presentation, Long category, beating other nominees Avatar, District 9, Star Trek & Up. A fantastic achievement against an outstanding list of fellow nominees.

The award, designed by Nick Stathopoulos is a bit of a stunner, described as “An organic Art Nouveau Hugo”

An organic Art Nouveau Hugo by Nick Stathopoulos
An organic Art Nouveau Hugo by Nick Stathopoulos

Following Cover It Live coverage there were huge cheers at the event, with Hugo Awards Cheryl Morgan saying “Good job Duncan Jones is not here. Would have made complete fool of myself”

Duncan Jones’ reaction came via Twitter

Holy shnikey! A Bafta and a Hugo in the same year! I really CAN only go down-hill from here!! ;’)

The full list of all of this years Hugo Award winners is available here.

Congratulations AGAIN, to all team MOON 🙂

6 thoughts on “MOON Beats Avatar, District 9, Star Trek & Up To Scoop The Hugo Award”

  1. Congratulations! I loved the sci-fi output of the last year or so.Avatar=EVENT!.District 9=Where did THAT come from? Star Trek=That’s what we want!.But Moon was the closest to the spirit of the great sci-fi of old.Arthur.C.Clark would have loved it. Sam Rockwell was cheated of his little gold fellow,methinks. Again..Nice one!

  2. Many, many congratulations are in order to Duncan, Rockwell and everyone involved in the making of Moon! It absolutely deserved every win (and more that it was snubbed for) and is a modern classic in every way. Wonderful news!

  3. I’m absolutely delighted that Duncan and Rockwell get to own a piece of my artwork! Loved the film to bits. Congrats gentlemen.

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