Vera Farmiga & Michelle Monaghan Join 'Source Code'

Looks like Jake Gyllenhaal will soon be joined by Vera Farmiga and Michelle Monaghan for MOON director Duncan Jones’ next film ‘Source Code’.

The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision blog broke the news this morning saying:

“Golden Globe nominee Vera Farmiga is in negotiations and Michelle Monaghan is set to star opposite Jake Gyllenhaal in Vendome Pictures and the Mark Gordon Co.’s time-travel thriller “Source Code.”

Duncan Jones (“Moon”) is directing the picture, which centers on a soldier (Gyllenhaal) who, as part of an experimental government program to investigate a terrorist incident, finds himself in the body of an unknown commuter living and reliving a harrowing train bombing until he can find out who is responsible for it.

Farmiga will play a hands-on communications officer controlling Gyllenhaal as he travels through time and space. Monaghan is a woman on the train with whom the man is involved romantically.”


‘Source Code is currently in pre-production, getting ready to begin filming in Canada in March 2010, mainly in Montreal, but will also shift production to Ottawa for about 4 days to film on location at the Ottawa Train Station details of which were revealed in the Ottawa Citizen:

The Ottawa train station will figure prominently in the movie and was largely chosen because the architecture of the building has a “modern, futuristic” look to it. A production crew totalling more than 150 people may come to the city for at least four days of shooting in late March.