The Prop Store of London will be holding an auction of ‘MOON’ gear starting Monday 9th November 2009 at 16:00 GMT.

The Prop Store is proud to present an exclusive collection of props, costumes and model miniatures from Duncan Jones’ Sci-Fi masterpiece ‘MOON’.

Each item will come complete with a special MOON COA which is signed by Director Duncan Jones, Producer Stuart Fenegan & Stephen Lane, CEO of Prop Store.

Further details over at the >> Prop Store MOON auction launch page <<

The auctions will be held on and run out of The Prop Store UK facility.

There will only be a limited number of pieces – but there is some great stuff.

  • Model miniature Moon Rover vehicles x2 built by Bill Pearson.
  • Sam Rockwell’s jumpsuit 1 Only!
  • GERTY the Robot 1 Only! (of course there is only one GERTY)

As well as original artwork, blueprints, hand props, other model miniatures and gadgets.

All in all only about 70 items.

10 items will be listed per day starting November the 9th at 4pm GMT and each auction will run for 7 days. Each auction starts at just 99p (!) with no reserve!

Yes, you read that right, the real GERTY will be in the auction, responding to questions on twitter on how he could even think of letting GERTY leave, ‘MOON’ Director Duncan Jones stated:

i cant afford to keep him! He eats nothing but fillet mignon and caviar!

Bookmark the E-Bay page ready to start your bidding HERE

And just to wet yer “Whistle” here is a small gallery: