Mute: First Look at Mute Concept art

Liberty Films 'Mute' concept art 1

Liberty Films have revealed the first details of what we hope will be Moon Director Duncan Jones’ next movie ‘Mute’.

First piece of concept art above features a street scene from a futuristic Berlin.

Who is the chap on the left? Who is the young lady he appears to be talking to? Who is the white shirted chap being escorted from the ‘Fremde’ (German word, translation Outsider / Alien / Strangers) nightclub into awaiting hover car? Hopefully we will know more soon….

Detailed interview with Mr.Jones about ‘Mute’ over on io9

Liberty Films Details ‘Mute’ status as in development.

Writer: Duncan Jones / Mike Johnson (Sherlock Holmes)
Producer: Stuart Fenegan
Project currently in pre-production and set to shoot in Berlin early 2010 with studio babelsberg

13 thoughts on “Mute: First Look at Mute Concept art”

  1. Hi …

    “Fremde” as a single word with a capital “F” means something like “foreign place”. There is no direct translation, I believe.
    “fremde” is an adjective: “fremde Leute” = strangers
    “fremde Währung” = foreign currency
    stranger / alien / outsider would be “Fremder” (male) oder “Fremde” (female).

    But whatever … what I really wanted to say: I really, really hope this Mute-Film will be the next one after Source Code! (As a SF writer myself …) like Duncan Jones I belive, the really interesting nucleus of any SF-Tale is not future technology, but the characters. What in their world makes them human / inhuman? What makes them who they are? It´s quite the same as in any genre, but SF ist like a magnifyer. And I love this Artwork! It looks both like Blade Runner and the city I live in. 🙂

    1. Thanks For the comment Karla, agree totally with regard character over technology. Think Maggie (above) may have the full club name with “Fremde Traueme” meaning strange dreams? Will check…

      1. Thanks for your answer. 🙂 Yes, it could be “strange dreams”, but it could also be “dreams of a stranger”. That´s why I asked if it´s a cinema. 😉

  2. The difference between the two versions would doubtless be of interest but not something that anybody apart from Duncan and myself would know right now, might come up in the future, who knows. There was a good reason for the little change.

    The club is a strip club called “Foreign Dreams”. When I was working on this piece I just used Babelfish to translate and this is what it came out as.

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