Amazing performance from Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell coming towards the end of a three year shift on the Moon mining helium 3 for Earth based energy company Lunar Industries.

Cut off from Earth due to comms problems, Sam’s final days take a dramatic turn when he makes a discovery that will change his perceptions of reality forever.

Assured direction for a first feature for Duncan Jones, (who also wrote the original story) incredible production design considering the teeny $5 million budget. Moon’s interiors were shot at Shepperton on the same sound stage as ‘Alien’ and indeed harks back to a time when Sci-Fi had a brain.

There are plenty of references to the classics of the genre for the audience to spot, indeed Jones has mentioned in many interviews that ‘Moon’ came about off the back of conversations with Sam Rockwell where they discussed their fave Sci-fi classics (Silent Running, 2001, Outlands, Bladerunner..)

As if this wasn’t good enough, you will also get treated to a stunning soundtrack from Clint Mansell who’s previous credits include ‘Requiem for a Dream’ and ‘The Fountain’ AND a great voice performance from Kevin Spacey as Sam’s lunar companion GERTY.

To tell you more if the plot would spoil it. But this is one that demands a second viewing. And, if Sci-Fi ain’t your bag. Have no fear. This is also a treat for fans of psychological thrillers, and those that love to see a great actor at the top of his game.

Go see ‘Moon’, enjoy it, spread the word, go again and take a friend, they’ll love you for it. In a summer stuffed full of mega bucks CGI fests, it’s great to get more bang for yer buck when leaving the local cinema with plenty to talk about, and plenty to think about also.

Moon opens UK 17th June.

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