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Duncan JonesLooks like we may have more than WARCRAFT to look forward to from Duncan Jones after he announced via his Twitter account that he is working on something that may shoot before the highly anticipated big screen adaptation of Blizzard Entertainment‘s MMORPG game is released in June next year.

Great news for fans of Jones’ work who have waited since 2011’s release of his 2nd feature Source Code for more from the BAFTA award winning director.

As to what this “little indie” may be, Jones is remaining tight lipped on further details at the moment. Keep an eye on Duncan’s Twitter account over the next few months for more details on new projects and the build up to the June 11th release of WARCRAFT.



WARCRAFT: Say Hello To Ogrim Doomhammer

Exclusively revealed by Wired earlier today here is the first official glimpse at what director Duncan Jones and the magicians over at Industrial Light & Magic have been working on ahead of the worldwide release of WARCRAFT in June 2016. Say hello to Ogrim Doomhammer (Robert Kazinsky).WARCRAFT Ogrim Doomhammer

This is the first time most of us have seen even the slightest glimpse of what the gang have been up to (besides those lucky enough to have seen footage at last years BlizzCon), and reaction to Duncan’s tweet announcing the images have been rather positive.

“Can’t tell you what a relief it is to FINALLY have at least something released from Warcraft for you all to see!”Duncan Jones

“it’s so beautiful why am I crying?” – @ColibriVGP

“Holy fuckballs, that’s some next level CGI.” – @MildlyAmused

“Wow. It really looks like Chris Metzen’s art come to life.” – @fMRI_guy

“fyi some people on the mmo champion forums thought it was all make up. So yeah, pretty great work.” – @josejacas

WARCRAFT will be released on June 11th 2016, plenty of time for you to show your allegiance now and decide whether you are:-

For The HORDE!


Check over on Wired for another piccy of the handsome beast and further info from Duncan.

WARCRAFT Levels Up To Summer 2016 Release


Duncan Jones’ much anticipated big screen adaptation of Blizzard Entertainment’s massively popular MMO World of Warcraft has had it’s release date moved from March 11th 2016 to June 10th 2016.

“Nooooooo!!!” I hear you cry “We’ve had to wait so long and now we have to wait even longer, what does this mean?” Well…

So you see, this move is a big vote of confidence from distributor Universal Pictures, as Steve Weintraub at Collider says:-

So adjust your diaries and prepare for a summer blockbuster! And while you’re waiting maybe it’s time you declared your allegiance and decide whether you will fight for the Alliance or fight for the Horde.

Akber Ahmed Creates New Age Pyschedelia MOON Poster

Akber Ahmed - MOON Poster

Akber Ahmed popped up on Twitter earlier today to draw attention to a set of “New Age Psychedelia” style film posters he’s just released featuring Duncan Jones’ MOON, so we thought you’d enjoy a look at what Duncan Jones himself described as “Beautiful work!”
Here’s the project description from Akber over on his site where you can view his versions of posters for DRIVE and NIGHTCRAWLER too:-

“Every few years a film is released that is generation defining. It stands as a testament to the times it was made in as well as the mindset of the masses.  The best of these carry a universal message that holds true even decades after the film is released.”

“This series revolves around the modern cinematic masterpieces of this generation. Although we may be bombarded with blockbuster films all year round, a true cinephile can spot the diamonds in the rough. While perhaps not the greatest commercial successes, these films are groundbreaking and their cult status has been cemented. These films have also served as vehicles for some of the finest actors of our time.”

“The films have been done in the psychedelic poster style made famous by the 1960’s love generation. As this is a modern take on the style, the term I use for this is New Age Psychedelia, not to be confused with the music genre Neo-Psychedelia.”

Talking about MOON specifically Akber said:-

“Why did I choose Moon? Well the answer is quite simple. The film reinvented the sci-fi genre and Sam Rockwell’s career-defining performance as Sam Bell really made us feel the isolation one would feel 250,000 miles from home.”

“In my opinion, the real secret ingredient is Duncan Jones.”

Thanks to Akber for creating such a great poster and allowing is to share.
Pop over to his site now to view more detail on MOON and the rest of Akber’s work:

Duncan Jones Posts 1st WARCRAFT Trailer

WARCRAFT Driector Duncan Jones just caused hearts to flutter a tad by teasing his followers over on twitter with…

Evil little monkey! Is he teasing there may be an actual trailer for the WARCRAFT film currently in post production set for release March 11th 2016? Follow Duncan over on Twitter to find out…

Moscati Creates MOON Poster For LA Gallery Show YOUNG GUNS INVITATIONAL

MOON for Young Guns Invitational 2014 by Moscati

MOON is proving a popular subject for the Young Guns Invitational show at the Hero Complex Gallery tonight in Los Angeles, USA. We featured The Dark Inker’s take earlier in the week under his chosen theme of ‘Brits’ and tonight we have this wonderful interpretation from Moscati under his chosen theme “Isolation”.

Moscati’s MOON is a 24×18 screen print 1 colour metallic silver ink and is joined in the “Isolation” theme by posters for ‘The Thing’ and ‘Alien’.

If you want to see these up close in person the show starts (in less than 30 minutes) at 19:00 tonight until 22:00 with very ltd prints of all posters in the show available from Hero Complex Gallery from tomorrow.

Hero Complex Gallery
2020 South Robertson Blvd.
Studio D
Los Angeles
CA 90034

The Dark Inker Creates MOON Poster For LA Gallery Show YOUNG GUNS INVITATIONAL

MOON by The Dark Inker 2015Here’s a rather smart addition to the alternative MOON posters collection for ya by The Dark Inker (AKA Stephen Sampson). Created for the YOUNG GUNS INVITATIONAL art show in LA later this month, this is one of three by Stephen as part of his theme “THE BRITS”. MOON is a five colour screen print with one metallic ink, beautiful work!

Over to The Dark Inker himself…

“Each artist was asked to submit three or more prints under a chosen theme. My theme is titled “THE BRITS” with three prints inspired by British movies.

The first on my list is MOON, love the film, so inspiring and just had to do this as one of my three.”

If you want to see what else The Dark Inker has included in “THE BRITS” theme get along to YOUNG GUNS INVITATIONAL featuring Emerging & Rising Artists on Friday Jan 30th 7 – 10pm at:-

Hero Complex Gallery
2020 South Robertson Blvd.
Studio D
Los Angeles
CA 90034

Duncan Jones Interview with Mtime On WARCRAFT And Daniel Wu

Mtime Interview WARCRAFT Director Duncan Jones
Towards the end of 2014 (Happy New Year by the way) Duncan gave his first interview on WARCRAFT to Chinese movie news site Mtime. This is the first time Duncan has spoken about WARCRAFT outside of presentations at BlizzCon and Comic-Con so it’s quite a coup for Mtime. I’ve been up all night translating it for you*… Continue reading Duncan Jones Interview with Mtime On WARCRAFT And Daniel Wu

What Next For Duncan Jones?… Not Star Trek 3

Duncan Jones - Photo by Rodene Ronquillo 2010
Duncan Jones – Photo by Rodene Ronquillo 2010

Deadline posted an exclusive last night on a list of five potential directors for Star Trek 3 after the recent departure of Roberto Orci.

One of those names, unsurprisingly, was our own Duncan Jones. Duncan moved quickly to pass on the opportunity however and confirmed on Twitter last night:-

One of these projects remains a mystery for now, the other we know will be MUTE which is also being adapted as a graphic novel featuring incredible artwork by  Glenn Fabry, Duncan provided an update on that last night too:-

As for getting MUTE in front of a camera, it’s something Duncan has been working towards for quite a while (over 10 years). Something he has often joked about being his Don Quixote comparing it to the long drawn out journey Terry Gilliam has been on trying to get his version of Cervantes’ classic novel The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha made, an experience painfully captured in the documentary of the failed attempt to film it, Lost In La Mancha.

While we wait for more news on exactly what Duncan will be up to next, work continues on WARCRAFT post production getting it ready for release March 16th 2016.


BlizzCon 2014 – Choose Your Allegiance!

We have a few hours to go on the opening day of BlizzCon 2014 until the one hour WARCRAFT Movie Presentation with Duncan Jones and Chris Metzen so it was a surprise to get any WARCRAFT movie news before then.

As you may already be aware, when taking up arms and entering the World of Warcraft you have to choose which faction you wish to represent, Alliance or Horde. Legendary have now launched the first wave of promotion for the WARCRAFT movie by asking you to nail your colours to the mast and show your allegiance.

If you’re ready to let everyone know which side your on, then get over to one of the two web sites just launched and either:

Fight for the Alliance!

WARCRAFT - Fight for the Alliance

Fight for the Horde!

WARCRAFT - Fight for the Horde!Signing up for either will give you access to a faction specific site and provide you with a download pack of image files for you to let everyone know where you stand. Social media icons and cover photos, desktop, tablet and mobile phone wallpapers.

It’s around 2 hours until the WARCRAFT Movie Presentation now, keep up to date with news either here or over on Twitter where we’ll try and live tweet the news as it happens from @ManMadeMovies :)

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