MOON Features In Daniel Norris Exhibition At Clapham Picturehouse

If you’ve been hanging around here over the last few years you’ll know we’ve seen some fantastic alternative poster designs from our gang of extremely talented MOON and Source Code fans. One such talented fella is Daniel Norris who’s been creating alternative movie posters for quite a while now. We’ve previously featured his clever, minimal take on Source Code, and very happy to share his MOON with you here and let you know you can check out Daniel’s work in person from Thursday 13th February at Clapham Picturehouse, along with many more of his original pieces of work.

Dan is an image maker with a passion for creating movie posters, deconstructing films, searching for a visual hook & ways of recombining key elements or iconic moments that will grab attention and hopefully live in the memory. Like this… Daniel Norris - MOON

Take 1 – Film Posters by Dan Norris Feb 13th 2014 to March 6th 2014 at the Clapham Picturehouse. You might be able to pick up a limited edition print or two while your there, see a film too, go mad!

Check out his Source Code too :)

MOON Poster By Shannon Ward


Nearly 5 years since release in 2009 we are still receiving ace MOON posters from you wonderfully creative lot! Todays addition to the collection comes from Shannon Ward who popped this one over to MOON Director Duncan Jones earlier this afternoon. For some reason I can imagine some Terry Gilliam type animation suiting this one. Thanks, Shannon :)

MOON Poster By Shannon Ward


WARCRAFT Begins Shooting Today!

After 3 years 8 months and 22 days since the last day of Source Code, Duncan Jones returns to active duty on a film set as WARCRAFT begins shooting in Vancouver, Canada on Monday 20th January 2014.

Going to start shooting the movie tomorrow. Crikey! Better find my specs!
20/01/2014 05:44

The cast are in place featuring the talents of Ben Foster, Paula Patton, Travis Fimmel, Dominic Cooper, Clancy Brown, Daniel Wu, Toby Kebbell & Robert Kazinsky.

The sets are built with Duncan dropping a few hints of what to expect over the last week or so.

Morning everyone! Who gets to wake up at 6am tomorrow to get to the pub early? Me! Don’t worry. Just a film set! I’m not an alcoholic. Yet.
12/01/2014 17:40
Love big film sets! Always have. Just had a lovely wander through Durotan’s hood. Off to another set next! :)
14/01/2014 17:28

So all that remains is to wish all involved, cast & crew, all the very best and lots of fun on what sounds like it could be a long shoot.

A tip for all involved, this is what you need to look out for whenever you’re not sure what to do next :)

Duncan Jones - WARCRAFT Quest Master

MOON Features in The Prince Charles Cinema’s Sci-Fi All Nighter

The Prince Charles Cinema Sci-Fi All Nighter


Get yer Selk suit on and head down to The Prince Charles Cinema in London on Saturday 15th February for a Sci-Fi marathon featuring some of the best ever Sci-Fi films including Duncan Jones’ 2009 award winning debut MOON. Also screening will be:

  • Sunshine
  • ALIEN (Director’s Cut)
  • The Thing
  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
  • The Fly

The marathon begins at 21:00, tickets £22.50 for members, £25.00 for non members. Further details over on The Prince Charles Cinema event page.

Stunning Painting of Sam Bell by Cameron S

Spotted this stunning painting of Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell in MOON a while back on Reddit and waited to share as we wanted to credit the artist, contact with the chap that posted it reveals the name of the artist as simply Cameron S. Hopefully Cameron will get in touch and we can update.

Cameron has perfectly captured Sam’s emotional reaction to viewing videos from home on Earth of his wife Tess with their little girl, Eve. Reminds me of the equally brilliant painting of Eve Bell by Massimo Carnevale.

Sam Bell by Cameron S

Dominic Cooper Joins WARCRAFT Cast

Dominic Cooper

Although Dominic Cooper’s participation in Duncan Jones WARCRAFT movie has been widely rumoured for the past couple of months, it had not been confirmed in official statements.

Comments from Duncan on Twitter may have almost confirmed it when he mentioned on the first day back into production in Vancouver after Christmas break…

Ben Foster & Dominic Cooper both in the office today. Felt ridiculously comfy with both. Wish I could make the pair into slippers.
07/01/2014 04:01

…but now Cooper himself has confirmed to Collider’s Steven Weintraub that he is indeed off to Vancouver to take part in “…a very long shoot”.

Pop over to Collider for further details.

Cooper joins the previously announced Ben Foster, Travis Fimmell, Paula Patton, Robert Kazinsky, Toby KebbellClancy Brown & Daniel Wu.

MOON Has Finally Made It As Porn Parody Poster Appears In Comic

It doesn’t matter how many awards, how much great praise or how many bums on seats a film gets, the true test of it’s entrance into popular culture and the minds of those that have seen it is the porn parody.

A tribute that has evaded MOON since release in 2009, a tribute that is now one step closer however with the sighting of a porn parody poster in issue #3 of Matt Fraction & Chip Zdarsky’s ‘Sex Criminals’. Courtesy of Tommy V on the Twitter, please be upstanding for the premiere reveal of the poster for the porn parody of MOON…POON

Sex Criminals Issue 3 - MOON Parody POON

Sam Bell seems pleased.

Sex Criminals is available from Image Comics & Comixology

Clancy Brown and Daniel Wu Cast in WARCRAFT – Inspires New Song

Confirmation came of new cast members of Duncan Jones’ WARCRAFT last night from Legendary Pictures in the shape of Clancy Brown and Daniel Wu. No details as to which roles they have been cast in at the moment (as is the case with the previous casting news) but Brown’s casting in particular has excited Jones and inspired a new song for Chesney Hawkes and Nik Kershaw to get to work on.

Greeting the world from his Twitter account earlier Jones said:

Duncan Jones Has The Horn 19 Dec 2013

Duncan Jones Has The Horn

Gooood morning all! I’ve got CLANCY FRIGGIN BROWN in Warcraft! I have to say it…. “There can be only one!”
19/12/2013 15:17

We’ve all been trying to figure out how Chesney Hawkes’ hit ‘The One and Only’ would be worked into WARCRAFT after being featured in both of Jones’ previous features (MOON & Source Code) and it seems after a wee think, Duncan has had a blinding flash of inspiration combining the song with a phrase from one of Clancy Brown’s most famous films ‘Highlander‘:

Hmmm…. Hmmm…. Hmmmmmm…… “There can be one and only!”
19/12/2013 15:20

Looking forward to hearing this :)

Legendary Reveal WARCRAFT Cast

Quick update for ya on WARCRAFT, Legendary Pictures have just tweeted the principle cast!

Legendary Tweet Cast For WARCRAFT

Reacting to the news breaking, Robert Kazinsky (Pacific Rim, Red Tails) tweeted out:

“As a career WoW player, 463 days /played, it’s pretty much my ultimate job. proud to be a part of something that is such a major part of me.”

As well as cast Legendary also confirmed production to begin in January 2014 in Vancouver, Canada with a current release date of March 11th 2016.

Print Off And Make Your Very Own Lunar Rover

“Paper Rovers….” sang Marie Osmond once, as if she knew one day you would be able to print off and make your very own Lunar Rover from MOON. No surprise though as she did have the nickname ‘Nostradamus’ within the Osmond family.

Lunar Ind Paper Rover By Martin SangerThanks to Martin Sänger for sharing. Get yours from his site and have a look at the other Sci-Fi related paper craft…I said paper… oh suit yerself ;)


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